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Smart appliances, new requirements for magnetic components

Time:2018-03-27 Views:3710
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, sales of home appliances increased by 10.7% in the first half of 2015, up 2.8 percentage points over the same period of the previous year. In order to focus on the intelligentization trend of home appliances, with a view to providing a technical exchange feast for all household electrical appliance enterprises, Dabit Information successfully hosted the 7th (Shunde) home appliance intelligentization technology and energy conservation management seminar on July 24.
In response to the two topics of home appliance intelligentization technology and home appliance energy conservation management, the conference invited representatives from 8 companies, including MPS, Microchip, Xinpengwei, Mingwei Electronics, Xinwangwei, Freescale, Shiqiang, Sinan Wulian, to give speeches. . In addition, Microchip, MPS, Corecom, Microelectronics, Core Micro, Freescale, Advanced World, Sinan Wulian, Guocan Electronics, Junyao Electronic, Weiyali, Guangsheng Technology, Dehong Electronics, Shun Network Electronics, Crystal Electronics, Technology Leaders, Mozer Electronics, and Remote Optoelectronics have also brought forth the latest products and solutions.
Intelligentization has become the major theme of the home appliance industry this year. The intelligentization of home appliances requires home appliance products manufactured by enterprises to develop in the direction of specialization, homeware, networking (Internet of things), intelligence, and collaboration. Lu Huihe, R&D manager of Macromedia, said in an interview with the Big Bit reporter that the trend of smart appliances in the future will be “mainly based on services”, and remote home appliances will pay more attention to user experience and emphasize the interaction between manufacturers and users. Liu Yuanyun, manager of a new music appliance development department, took himself as an example, thinking that home appliances will be the trend of smart home appliances in the future. “With smart appliances, remote control through APP is very convenient. After all, family life is still more important.”
The trend of smart home appliances has made home appliance companies make new demands on magnetic components such as electronic transformers and inductors. Luo Gaocheng, senior engineer of Chigo Air Conditioning, mentioned: "Like our company‘s cloud air conditioner, the standard it chooses is completely different from our standard for ordinary home appliances. It requires more than ever before. For example, it has increased the requirements for radiation and conduction, but Now these requirements are only for the export of electrical appliances." Lu Hui and then explained the new requirements of the power supply: "The future of smart appliances are mostly operated by remote control, the performance of the power has higher requirements, one is energy efficiency One is the mutual interference resistance."
In addition to the home appliance market, other areas of the machine industry are also undergoing technological changes. How should magnetic component companies respond to the ever-changing new requirements of the entire machine industry? What are the future development prospects and application trends of electronic transformers and inductors? On July 31, they will be held in Suzhou. At the 5th Automated Production and High Performance Magnetic Materials Application Technology Seminar held by the conference, several industry authorities and well-known companies in the industry will target the “development and requirements of magnetic components in the new energy automotive industry” “Transformer and Inductor Industry. "Future development prospects and application trends" and other hot topics to communicate. Engineers are welcome to visit and discuss together.