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The rapid development of domestic precision metal measuring tools

Time:2018-03-27 Views:3916
In recent years, with the further expansion of market awareness and the continuous improvement of business grades, the hardware and architectural decoration hardware business structure and product structure have undergone profound changes.
Domestic metal measuring tools have bright spots. From visual measurement to simple measurement to precision measurement, advances in measurement technology have ensured advancements in manufacturing technology. The famous scientist Mr. Qian Xuesen also pointed out: Information technology includes measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and the foundation.
The development of domestic precision measuring tool hardware is gradually in line with the world
In the precision instrument debugging room of the National Precision Tools Engineering Research Center, the staff tapped the button, and the car gear fixed on a detection platform quickly turned up. On the computer screen next to it, the numbers leaped quickly. In just over 10 seconds, the measurement results are displayed, along with measurement values ​​and allowable deviation values, making it clear at a glance.
Precision machining requires not only the precision and stability of the machine tool, but also the accuracy of the tools and fixtures. It also requires precision measuring instruments to calibrate and measure. Some are in the process of processing; others are detected afterwards. Precision machining requires not only the precision and stability of the machine tool, but also the accuracy of the tools and fixtures. It also requires precision measuring instruments to calibrate and measure.
According to industry experts, taking the wind power industry as an example, the machining and testing of typical components such as turbine blades, rotor wheel slots, and turbine rotor rotors in key components of power generation equipment have been represented and reflected to some extent. The state-of-the-art cutting technology and the latest achievements and levels of CNC cutting tools, digital measurement technologies and measuring instruments have attracted the attention of the tool manufacturing industry.
What is gratifying is that the domestic hardware measuring instrument manufacturers have increased their investment in the digital display technology and digital hardware measuring product development in recent years, and have achieved great results. Domestic digital display tools have evolved from the simple bar LCD digital display of previous years to the more complex image display of surface dynamic liquid crystal dynamic simulation. The resolution of the digital video scale grid has been developed from 0.01 millimeter to 0.001 millimeter, and the accuracy and reliability of the measurement have been improved. Have a significant increase.
The continuous improvement of waterproof and dustproof performance also enhances the market competitiveness of domestic digital display devices. In the past 10 years, we have continuously strengthened our strengths in the development and manufacturing of precision instruments such as gear measuring instruments, surface roughness measuring instruments and contour measuring instruments. We have successfully developed the largest 2m CNC gear measuring instrument in China and become the most competitive precision in China. Measuring instrument manufacturer.
The dual-frequency laser interferometer is a core product independently developed by the center. Now only this center has the technology to produce this equipment. Its successful development has changed China‘s long-term dependence on imports in this field.
He just said proudly: The instrument‘s many functions have broken the foreign technology blockade, detection resolution of 0.02 microns, detection length of up to 20 meters. The price is much lower than that of similar foreign products. At the international level, this instrument can compete with similar products in the United Kingdom and the United States.
The director of the National Precision Tools Engineering Research Center and director of the Chengdu Tool Research Institute stated that so far, the Center‘s achievements in the areas of new tool materials, tool material surface modification technologies, and gear meters have been at the leading level in the country.
Through unremitting efforts, it has now possessed the most advanced precision tool production equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China and established an industrialization base, which has enabled China‘s precision tools to achieve leap-forward development in terms of research and development, technological equipment and industrialization capabilities. The results have reached or reached the world advanced level.
To enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of hardware companies, in addition to the above points, there are still many things to do. We have a long way to go, and we hope that companies will not lose sight of their social responsibilities while pursuing profits. Only in this way can a business get a lasting and sustainable development.