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What is photo chemical etching?

Time:2018-03-27 Views:3791
As the proportion of China‘s electronics manufacturing industry in the global market continues to increase, and innovation capabilities continue to increase, the current market not only sets higher specifications for various basic electronic components, but also requires suppliers to be able to keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions. Enterprises provide strong service guarantees.
TDK Group‘s EPCOS (Shanghai) Product Service Co., Ltd., Capsicitance, Protection Components, and Vice President of Greater Sensors Markets Greater China Region, Zhizhi Wang, is the capacitor of TPK Group‘s EPCOS (Shanghai) Product Service Co., Ltd. Wang Zhijuan, vice president of the Greater China Region for the Ministry of Protection, and Sensor Industry Marketing, stated that this year our company‘s business growth focuses on the smart phone and automotive electronics market. In the face of an increasingly fierce market competition environment, we are actively targeting market applications. , to maintain the full range of technological innovation capabilities of products.
On the other hand, it will further strengthen product supply support for the Chinese market, such as gradually shifting the production line to the Chinese mainland to provide fast and stable supply services for the local market.
This year, in the smart phone market, TDK has released a new EPCOS duplexer for LTE Band 1 with a package size of only 1.8 mm x 1.4 mm, which features up to 60 dB transmission and *** The channel has good isolation performance, so it can be combined with a power-saving envelope detection power amplifier and requires no additional pre-filtering, simplifying the front-end design and greatly reducing the cost.
In addition, it has high-performance GPS front-end modules for smart phones, wireless LAN (WLAN)-Bluetooth filters, and ultra-compact μDC-DC converters for the wearable devices and smart watch markets. TDK will continue to introduce new superior products to the relevant electronic component application market.
In the automotive electronics line, for automotive communications applications, this year TDK introduced the first product in the microsonic filter series, the EPCOS B4300 GPS filter. This is a two-in-one filter and duplexer product manufactured using CSSP technology (chip-size SAW packaging) and has an extremely compact structure (1.4 x 1.1mm case size).
At the same time, the pins of the B4300 GPS filter are compatible with existing GPS filter model pins used on mobile phones, making it easier for developers to use existing GPS handset solutions for automotive applications. This GPS filter has passed AEC-Q200 standard certification and is suitable for the harsh environment of automotive electronic systems. It has excellent electrical performance and can cover satellite car navigation, automotive-grade communications and digital radios, WLAN and Wi-Fi.
Especially in the development of EV/HEV new energy vehicles, Wang Zhijuan said: “In addition to the introduction of transformers and other related products, we have specially developed suitable DC links for the application of compact and highly efficient car chargers. The new CeraLink power capacitor based on PLZT ceramic materials not only saves space, but also minimizes the cost and weight of the product.On the other hand, with the rapid development of the charging pile market in recent years, both industrial and automotive grades Application standards, we can provide the corresponding product line."
It is also learned that NTC temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and high-precision TMR angle sensors developed by TDK are currently used in a number of domestic and foreign brand manufacturers, such as automotive air-conditioning systems, emissions, and oil circuit systems.
It is worth mentioning that in recent years, domestic manufacturers have increasingly participated in the internationalization of automotive electronics supply platforms. At the same time, some international car manufacturers are gradually increasing their share of Chinese mainland purchases. Under the influence of these trends, TDK In recent years, we have continuously strengthened the construction of local teams and closely matched with the needs of customers to develop a series of electronic component products that meet the requirements of practical applications.
Talking about the recent development of the industrial and energy markets, Wang Zhijuan said that currently, the solar and wind power industries have basically maintained a relatively stable trend. The market growth point is concentrated on the construction of high-power systems, and the development of distributed power generation systems is relatively slow; the inverter industry has experienced After the rapid growth of previous years, the market has been at a stable stage of development.
In addition, the meter market maintained a low growth rate of 5-10%. In response to these markets, we have developed innovative PQS series active harmonic filters for the optimization of power quality, aluminum electrolytic capacitors for frequency conversion/output filters, film capacitors/lead varistors for smart meters, and other innovative products. Continue to maintain a leading position in different industry markets.
According to reports, the company plans to launch a PEC large-scale power electronic capacitor production line in Zhuhai in 2015. The products are mainly used in locomotive traction, wind power/solar energy and other fields. The goal is to provide more rapid product supply services for the Chinese domestic market.